DS Custom Cut Out


These cut-outs will provide years of worry free use with a mixture of stainless steel and aluminum. The materials will keep the elements out, and the sound…. Well that’s up to you, with a flip of the toggle or a push of the remote button.


  • Tig-welded T-304 stainless steel tubing for a clean and weather resistant finish
  • 6061 aircraft aluminum motor and valve bracket
  • Instant performance gains when opened
  • Dual kits include a “Y” cable for simple wiring and simultaneous valve operation
  • Single kits have a toggle switch to operate the valves while dual kits have a remote for valve operation
  • Stainless tip can be positioned for any direction of exhaust
  • Components available separately
  • Simple 12v cigarette lighter plug in for main power supply
  • Includes wireless remote

Ensure there is adequate space under the vehicle for the valves and electronic valve motors for your specific vehicle set up WELDING REQUIRED! This is “NOT” a bolt-on installation and requires the welding of exhaust system components. 

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